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I’m Tariq Amawi

Practical Manifestation Coach & Talent Reverse-Engineer

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  • Want to de-program, rewire, unlearn and unteach yourself the societal or childhood conditioning getting in the way of your BEST self?
  • Want to become good at anything?
  • Want to learn the secrets behind 'The Secret' and manifest much more effectively?

You are in the right place my friend.


I specialise in showing you how to move past your psycho-emotional blocks to freely manifest by design... instead of by default. 

I've made it my life's work to get good at the things I love, and the most exciting thing I've learned is that 'learning' and 'practice' are teachable skills. 

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"What surprised me was your directness, your intuition, and how much more clarity I had after  session."


What surprised me was your directness, your intuition, and how much more settled and how much more clarity I had after our coaching session. I was also surprised how easy it was to write positive qualities about myself while in session with you and afterward. I continue to think and write inspired by you. 

Alla Demutska


"He listens to me so keenly that he can cut through the noise that is blocking me."


Working with Tariq is hugely encouraging. He listens to me so keenly that he can cut through the noise that is blocking me. He's a cyber-multidimensional-acro-magician and is one of my strongest cheerleaders. When working with things that seem so messy and there's no way out, Tariq reminds me of all the possible exit strategies and all the available doors. He embodies his work.

Jaci Taylor

Yoga Instructor

"He opened my eyes to new possibilities about my relationship."


Tariq's guidance was something I needed but didn't realise I had been needing for quite a while. He opened my eyes to new possibilities about my relationship, showed me alternatives and pathways I hadn't seen myself and brought back my self confidence in a way that I know will change my life.

Marko Thunder

Financial Consultant

Manifestation Mastery online

An organic, evolving, live-learning platform designed to make things fun, so you can learn the art of deliberate creation, at your own pace and in your own way, based on what you are interested in most.



Interview With The Universe

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