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"I'm confident this specially designed meditation will show you the roadmap for becoming the future you. And you can start today!"

Tariq Amawi

Practical Manifestation Coach

How It Works

The meditation has been created in a specific way to allow you to drop into a slower brainwave frequency (alpha and theta), then take you on a guided visual journey to allow you to experience your chosen better life in the future, showing you how that you got there, then bringing you out to record and make notes of what you learn.

  • 1. Induction

    After setting the scene, we use a guided countdown technique to drop you into a meditative state.

  • 2. Observation

    We observe from afar, a version of us from the future in different situations on a movie screen.

  • 3. Assimilation

    We merge with the future version of ourselves and experience their life in our minds eye.

  • 4. Integration

    Using a specific technique which you will learn in the meditation, we are able to extract the information, insights and habits we perceive and bring them into our waking life.


A: It was developed over the course of many live workshops

DETAILED ANSWER: This meditation began its life as an interactive worksheet exercise called 'Your Supreme Clone'. While the exercise itself was having great results allowing people to reverse-engineer their future selves, it was becoming clear to me that the deeper and more real we could make that experience the more powerful the results would be. So I began training how to use my voice to induce deeper meditative states and so this meditation gradually developed to become a quantum experience of what this future self might be like. The special part is being able to pull the information out and use it to make REAL CHANGES. That's what this meditation is designed to do.


A: This strongly visual journey gives you a virtual reality tour through your imagination of future version of you so you can begin to cultivate the same habits that got them there.

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